Saturday, March 31, 2012

CNN Breaking News

The estimated number of U.S. autistic kids has skyrocketed by 78% since 2000, according to a report from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One in 88 American kids has autism, according to the new figures. Among boys, it's one in 54.

Why? One expert says: "Better diagnosis, broader diagnosis, better awareness, and roughly 50% of 'We don't know.'"

One advocate says: "we have an epidemic of autism in the United States."

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meeting Group

This Saturday....                                                                            

Dubai Autism Meetup Group

 The ABC's of Behaviors

The ABC's of your child's behavior- Understanding the ABC's of your child's behavior- Antecedent - Behavior- Consequence- will help you understand how to respond to behaviors and reinforce the skills in your child's program.
 Bring your questions about your child's real-life behaviors and learn how to analyze them in an ABC framework. 
Workshop conducted by: Zeba Khan, Director, AutismUAE and AutismUAE staff will be on hand to guide parents through using an ABC data sheet correctly.

Mirdif Private School

Saturday 10th March 2012

11:00 AM – 1.00pm

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Battle Of Schools

Today I had possibly my 10th school assessment for J.  I meditated,  prayed and put on my warrior outfit,  since I’m sure most of you know that it’s like going to battle, having to use all your best techniques and weapons to have your child accepted at a school.
After giving them several contacts to call to ask about J, and of course telling them that they can place him in any grade they want, and that we’ll back him up with a teacher at home and a shadow at school, they said they would get back to me in a week.

I have to admit, they were the nicest to me so far.  For sure nicer than the ones that rejected J on the spot, even after knowing all of the above.  Or the school that told me that all their classes already had shadow teachers in them and that they didn’t know my son had one before contacting me (when it was clearly stated in the application that he did).

But my favorite school of all was the one that called telling me there was an opening for my son and asked me to come right away to make a down payment or he would lose his spot. Of course I went running but when the woman saw me she said, “Oh sorry, I didn’t realize I called the mum of the autistic child.”  Those were her exact words before telling me that the spot was not available anymore and that I shouldn’t take it personally.

My husband reported them to the KHDA and they handled it in an amazing way and even had the school call to offer me the spot all over again, since it’s against the law to reject someone based solely on his condition.  But after what happened, would you want your son or daughter to be in such a place, or around such unprofessional people?  I dropped the complaint and told the school I wanted nothing to do with them anymore.

If only it wasn’t unethical to say which school it was….