Sunday, October 28, 2012

Free Entry To A Play

Hi again,

There will be a performance that is free of charge  for all special need children with their families in celebration of Eid on the 30th of October at 10:30am at Madinat Jumeirah… below is a brief description of the play… Enjoy and sorry for the last minute notice. ;)

Its an exciting day in Toy Town, it’s Noddy and Tessie Bear’s sing-a-long, dance-a-long party and everyone is invited to join in the fun… everyone that is except those two naughty Goblins, Sly and Gobbo who are out to spoil the fun with another of their crazy machines from Goblin Gizmo’s –

The Sound Sucker!.

But don’t worry as our hero Noddy is keeping an eye on those two and knows exactly how to stay one step ahead of their games, despite their crazy antics to try to ruin the party.  With Mr Plod, Whiz the Robot, Bumpy Dog, Car and of course Big Ears, today promises to be one big fun filled adventure.

This fantastic show, for children of all ages, coincides with the 60th year anniversary of Noddy.

Hello Again

Dear All,

I’m sorry I’ve been away for such a long time, but a lot has been going on!

Let’s start with the Awareness Gala Dinner; I’m sure most of you that attended already know it was a great success. We were able to raise approximately 250,000AED.  Sixty percent of funds raised benefitted Senses Residential and Day Care Center for Special Needs, which is the first non-profit residential care facility in the UAE and has an entire floor that supports children with autism.  The balance of funds raised was donated to the Autism Center of Dubai. Please check the Events section of our site for pictures.

The other big news I’d like to share with you is our new website!  I’ve upgraded the blog to a full website; there is such a high demand for a networking space for us parents of autistic children in the UAE that I wanted to take the success of the blog and give it a place where it can grow into an even better resource for us.  Once again, please don’t hesitate to contact me about adding any useful information that might help other parents to the site.

The purpose of Autism In Dubai is for all of us to be able to easily communicate and share information and resources.  Therefore I’ve created a Facebook group which will allow us all to share and discuss a myriad of topics.  To access this group please go to the following link and ask for an invitation (since it is a closed group):!/groups/364168156958672/.  There is also a link to it on the lower right-hand side of our website.

Last but not least, I’m expecting a 3rd boy by the end of the year!  Being pregnant is slowing me down a lot but will promise to stay in touch all the time.

Best Regards.