Monday, November 26, 2012



Staying in Dubai for the winter break?

Bring your child to our Winter Camp

Activities are fun, stimulating and are catered for language, motor, attention skills as well as creativity and emotional intelligence.

Our team of European multilingual qualified specialists in education will lead the activities.

Age: 4 to 12 years old — open also to children with difficulties Date:

 Week 1— Sunday 16th to Thursday 20th of December

 Week 2 — December 26,27,29,30 & 31 Time: 9am to 1pm everyday.

Price: 1000AED per week per child. 1700AED for two weeks.

 Discount available for more than one child.

Contact us on: 04 3953848 or at


Booking is essential! So call us today!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Does This Ring A Bell To Anyone..?!

Good Day,

I'm a mother of three (Mark 7, Jessica 5 and Adam 1.5), just moved to Dubai 2 months ago, and we got the devestating news that Mark has Asperger's. He's always been different, and we always hoped that the reason behind that was the mixing of 3 languages and Dad working abroad.
But NO, he is autistic. And the center quoted me a rate for his ABA therapy (7500 dhs) 10hrs/week, that excludes the shadow teacher he need in school full time that is 160dhs/ 1 hour. and consultation was 2200dhs.

My question is , What do parents do when they can't afford the treatment? we can't leave our son struggle, and specially in School. he's being bullied, he doesn't understand 100% what's happening around him. So far his average is F which means he won't pass this academic year.

i would love to hear from you on what should i do to enable Mark to get a chance to heal. because i believe he deserves a chance. Do i look for a private ABA therapist and shadow teacher?
In addition to that the school doesn't accept shadow teachers, Is that acceptable? or the school has full rights to refuse.